This guy is the coolest and he knows it.
If you guys like drawings of the buildings I can see from the window of my flat you should stick around because there is a lot more where this came from.
One week into my New York adventure and I can’t imagine this not being my life.

NEY LAD (2014)

Cardboard, fairy lights, part of 2014 bedroom installation

I think Joanna Dot is one of the best artists on tumblr. I don’t get why she’s not mega famous yet…
So i put my test prints up on my studio wall. This is the first glimpse of my MA project I’m shearing with the Internet, so you’d best be nice to me about it tumblr.

I don’t care for you misogyny!

you tell ‘m anti-misogyny shark. I wish I could just carry this gif around in my bag and then wordlessly give to any misogynists I happen to meet.