hey I was wondering what kinda sketchbook you use?



Why are these little horses suddenly everywhere? I have a red one that my aunt brought me back from somewhere when I was a kid. It’s in the loft, maybe I should get it down…

Art, Inc. – a field guide to the psychology and practicalities of becoming a successful artist 

Extra yes to the bit about self promotion. If no one ever sees your work no one can ever buy your work/pay you to make more work 


oh, so when tumblr feminists embroider swear words and occult symbols onto things, it’s “subversive” and “edgy,” but when I do it, I’m a “terrible surgeon” whose being “sued for malpractice”

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Hey look guys it’s a drawing of fat bat-man I did in 2007 when I should of been doing my GCSE coursework that I’m posting to the Internet in 2014 when I should be doing my MA coursework. Three cheers for never learning!
I love to see a line of fresh prints drying in the wind