Hey look guys it’s a drawing of fat bat-man I did in 2007 when I should of been doing my GCSE coursework that I’m posting to the Internet in 2014 when I should be doing my MA coursework. Three cheers for never learning!
I love to see a line of fresh prints drying in the wind

"I’m going to be an artist.""Do you have any advice for other artists?""Don’t press down too hard with your crayons."

You know what? That’s actually  stellar advice little girl.

If only this worked in real life..

The number of times I make stupid mistakes and my brain just screams UNDO, UNDO! Thanks for your help brain, I can always count on you.

»i didn’t say I couldn’t love you« by tracey emin

When I was at college we went to this artist talk given by a textile artist. A mature student asked  her ‘Do you think artists like Tracy Emin make young female artists feel like they have to be feminist or political to be successful?’. The way she said it was like being feminist or political was the worst thing a young female artist could be. I can’t remember what the speaker said but I remember thinking ‘no, you idiot, Tracy Emin doesn’t make us feel like we have to be feminist and political, she makes us feel like we can be feminist and political. She lets us know its an option.’